durable, long-lasting seawalls

Outback Marine Construction seawalls are professionally built to withstand the tough conditions of Florida weather.

Built Strong to Last Long

Trust Outback Marine Construction to build high-quality seawalls with quality materials, advanced technology and experienced craftsmanship. Fit for any waterfront project, our seawalls are built to the highest standards possible. Even better, we can accomplish the majority of the project working from the water.

The Best Seawalls in Northeast Florida

Seawalls are built to last between 30-50 years, if you’re beginning to notice fissures, breaches, or other issues with your seawall, give us a call and we can determine if you need to repair or replace your existing seawall.

Professional Seawall Construction

Whether you are seeking new construction, renovation or repairs, Outback Marine Construction is the choice to make when it comes to marine construction services. Our years of experience give our customers comfort knowing that they are in good hands.

By consistently delivering projects that offer solid functionality and great looks on time and on budget, Outback Marine Construction has become Northeast Florida’s choice for decks, docks, seawalls, bulkheads, boathouses, boat lifts and more!

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