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Custom designs and quality craftsmanship. Top Dog Marine docks are professionally built with the highest quality materials to endure the tough conditions Florida can throw at them!



We pride ourselves on being North-East Florida’s leading marine contractor for the construction of new bulkheads, seawalls and seawall repairs.


Boathouse Construction

Choose your style of Engineered roof: Hip Roof, Gable Roof or Flat Roof with an Acrylic Coated Galvalume tin roof or upgrade to a painted colored tin roof. We can, of course, also incorporate a boat lift into your boathouse structure.

Boat Lifts

Outback Marine has teamed up with some of the best boat lift manufacturers in the State of Florida to offer you the most innovative, reputable, and reliable boat lifts in the industry.

Seawall Construction

The construction of seawalls has been traced back thousands of years ago to Eastern Roman Empire. Historic seawalls made from Roman/Natural cement like in Caesarea are still holding.


Decks & Dune Walkovers

Outback Marine Construction is the go-to contractor for expertly built, long-lasting decks and dune walkover. No project is too large or too small for the professionals at Outback Marine.

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